A vintage Chesterfield is part of your modern interior.

If you are looking for a real vintage Chesterfield that not only looks good but also looks great and stays nice, you have come to the right place at Mister Chesterfield in Leidschendam. Here you will find a wide range of restored vintage Chesterfield furniture, all of which have been manufactured in Great Britain. Thanks to more than 70 years of family experience restoring classic seating furniture, Mister Chesterfield assures you of a top quality Chesterfield bank.

For those looking for really good Chesterfield vintage furniture

A problem that occurs at many Chesterfield banks is that there are many copies that look beautiful on the eye, but where commercial considerations have made huge cuts to the materials. The result is a sofa that is devoid of any seating comfort and quickly ages. At Mister Chesterfield, old Chesterfields are restored to their former glory and everyone can enjoy the real feel and beautiful appearance of this great classic.

For three generations of experience with the vintage Chesterfield

At Mister Chesterfield you will find many used and professionally restored Chesterfield sofas, sometimes more than 50 years old. All furniture offered has a beautiful appearance, are wonderfully comfortable, are in top condition and have been cleaned and restored with the utmost care. In everything you notice that since 1945 the love for and the knowledge of the restoration, upholstery and editing of these beautiful sofas from father to son is passed on.

Experience for yourself how good our Chesterfield furniture is

On the website you will find a good overview of Mister Chesterfield's enormous offer and you can easily orient yourself on the price. But experience how good a real vintage Chesterfield is, you can only do that in our showroom at Venestraat 27 in Leidschendam. We also like to explain which Chesterfield suits your personal style best and we give advice about the color and finishing possibilities. Look for our opening times and the fastest route to Mister Chesterfield on our contact-route page.

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