Chesterfield cushions provide the extra comfort

Chesterfield cushions are personal and respond to your behaviour.

The type of filling in your Chesterfield cushions is a very personal choice. This is very important for comfort. Almost everyone also has a different way of sitting or lying on the couch. It is a choice of filling in combination with the type of suspension in the furniture itself. Because this has to bear the most weight, this is a part that reacts most visibly to your way of use. If you exert extra pressure on a certain corner of a pillow, for example by sitting with a raised leg out of habit, this will also the filling and the cover can be seen.

How can you enjoy the Chesterfield cushions on the long run?

A lot off our Chesterfield sofa cushions that can be interchanged and allow you to divide this effect to get a more general atmosphere in the cushions and that is more beautiful. That is why we also supply interchangeable cushions in many of our Chesterfield furniture. In addition, one person wants to sit as hard as possible and the other nice and soft. Cushions always become a little softer with use, so it is always advisable to buy something firmer than your preference.

Replacing your old Chesterfield cushions always pays off

If you want to replace your Chesterfield cushions, you have come to the right place at Mister Chesterfield. It is definitely worth it! We can adjust, repair or replace your existing cushions entirely according to your wishes. Replacing a seat is a job that we carry out every day. The price of repair is usually lower than renewal. These parts of the seat cushion are the most intensively used parts of the sofa or chair and will therefore show signs of use first.

New sofa or chair cushions will last for years after renovation

After a good renovation of the seat cushions, you can enjoy your Chesterfield for years to come. A slightly lived-in atmosphere is of course quite hip today, but as soon as it starts to get shabby it’s time to put the makeover into effect. The prices of this recovery are attractive compared to a completely new Chesterfield pillow.

Have a new seat cushion made in an old Chesterfield?

Often people will look for new seat cushions, but in many cases restoring the original one is a better option. If a completely new seat cushion is ordered, you will receive a brand new mostly leather cushion in your already used Chesterfield sofa or chair. The color and atmosphere of the new cushions will be in many cases deviate extremely from the hull and existing cushions. Even if you order the identical leather. The leather hides are tanned in batches and can therefore show a color difference. Because we choose the leather ourselves based on color and atmosphere and can also perfect this, you do not have to expect any unpleasant surprises from us.

How much does it cost to renovate a Chesterfield seat cushion?

The costs for renovating the Chesterfield seat cushions in perfect condition can be called global. The size, type of leather and additional atmosphere adjustments such as aging, watering or making the leather shinier can still affect the price. However, we can give you target prices for repair per pillow, with a size of +- 50x55cm as an example.
Renew upper deck including trim: in Antique range also known as Chesterfield -rub-off leather € 245,-
Renew bottom fabric: e.g. black cotton € 110,-
Filling: cold foam variants in various combinations and hardnesses, approx. €135
For a larger format, a 15% surcharge per 10cm extra width or depth is realistic.

How does restoring your sofa or chair cushions work?

1: call with: +31 (0)70-3950766

2: Email clear photos to get a global impression of your sofa or chair

3: you receive a fixed price agreement

4: delivery can be delivered yourself or sent by post (including filling less than € 10,- up to 5 pieces)

5: duration: recovery +- 5 working days

6: payment: on collection – pin or cash.
For registered return, payment in advance is via bank transfer (after clear photos of the end result)

new renew chesterfield leather cushion

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