Chesterfield prices | bluntly

Second-hand used:
1 str. € 475 | 2 str. € 750 | 3 str. € 900 | 4 str. € 1100

1 str. € 850 | 2 str. € 975 | 3 str. € 1500 | 4 str. € 1850

New on stock:
1 str. € 1549,-|2 str. € 2100,-|3 str. € 2449,- | 4 str. € 3200,-

New custom-made
1 str. € 1649,-|2 str. € 2269,-|3 str. € 2599,- | 4 str. € 3399,-

These are our global, average prices of our offer.
You can find or select the prices for each item on our site.
We offer you a great discount when purchasing multiple items.

Compare Chesterfields by size + price

It is logical that you want to have an indication of what a performance costs. But remember;

  1. every supplier sells a completely different product
  2. images are not always of the product that you receive
  3. names / texts are copied to make it look identical
  4. for example a three-seater can vary from 185 cm to 215 cm
  5. almost every tanner offers its own quality of a type of leather
  6. more can be read on our about Chesterfields page

Perhaps Mister Chesterfield is not the cheapest

Of course, today it is always possible to sell cheaper. Having a container come from India as the original of its own brand is not that difficult. But what is cheap? What you paid at the bottom determines whether it was an expensive purchase.

Pay for the product and not for the circus around it

A huge showroom with a few quick sellers does not, of course, make your product better. A piece of experience may well cost a bit, but in the end you will not have much use for it.

The starting prices are not always unrealistic

Because we do not yet know your choice, we must of course start somewhere. The versions where you see the prices are made in the famous leather from the Antique. These rub-off leathers are also called Chesterfield leather, because it has given this furniture this look. If you are looking for a version in furniture fabric, you can also stick to these prices. Our prices are very realistic. With our new Chesterfields you can select suggestions of a format with a starting price. This is because some leathers have a small surcharge. In practice, this is often deleted as a discount or partial discount.

Customization is not more expensive if you have delivered almost every version

Because we know how long this furniture can last, we are also interested in the application and method of your use. In addition to sitting depth, height and overall posture, the finish is an important factor. Because we believe that the made to measure furniture better suit you, we have been providing customized solutions for as long as our label exists. The fact that we have already supplied all the variants once makes it a lot easier and cheaper. As a result, all different molds are already present globally. Why buy a standard couch, corner-sofa,  or chair if you can order an ultimate version at our prices? You can read more about our materials on our label and quality page. On our leather and upholstery fabrics page you can read everything about the finish of your Chesterfield. If you need any questions or explanation, please contact us without obligation!