Our Chesterfield prices are purely for the product and not for the circus around it

To realize a good Chesterfield you have to be prepared to pay a little more. No excuse to justify higher prices, but you will be able to conclude that yourself after your orientation. We would like to sell you the best possible execution. A huge showroom with a few slick salesmen does not make up your product properly. Compare the performances and the way of finishing and pay the price purely for the product.

The price of a Chesterfield is variable because the customization often has small surcharges

At our Chesterfields we display online prices. Not caught on the spot with the discount of now signs, but transparent from the first moment. At the new Chesterfield you will see suggestions of a size with a starting price. This is because other leathers often have a surcharge, and because we do not know your choice yet, we have to start somewhere. The versions where you see the prices are executed in the well-known Antique leather. If you are looking for a performance in upholstery fabric, you can also stick to these prices. On our leather and fabric page you can read all about the finish of your Chesterfield. If you need questions or clarification, please contact us without obligation!

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