The Prices at Mister Chesterfield

Realistic prices can be found or selected on our site at every Chesterfield. When purchasing multiple items, we also offer you a nice discount, which means that possible additional prices of, for example, a more expensive type of leather or adjustment will be cancelled. What our products (for enthusiasts) cost in a nutshell, the global starting prices are as indicated below. If you want to estimate how high the amounts are compared to our furniture, you may have to read this.

It can always be cheaper

Arrange a cheaper production is a choice. it’s just what you want to sell. Some people are happy to sell an illusion and some want to deliver something beautiful. The longevity and comfort ultimately determine whether it was too expensive or not. Because our materials used are responsible, they are also neatly described on the order form or invoice. Such as the type of wood for the frame and the type of suspension.

Valuing quality

We know all too well that not everyone makes a study of buying a Chesterfield. Instinctively, a higher price is sometimes the trade-off to buy a better quality. I prefer to spend a little more for a nice quality… But we know that a more expensive quality does not always have the best materials on the inside. Because we have been renovating this furniture since 1945, you can take this from us. Just take a moment to read our about Chesterfields page.

Paying for the circus

Of course, a huge showroom with a few fast sellers does not make the product better in itself. A bit of experience may cost a bit, but in daily use you benefit more from the right version.

Our Chesterfield prices are realistic

Because we don’t know your choice yet, we have to start somewhere. The versions where you see the prices are made of the well-known leather from the Antique. These rub-off leathers are also called Chesterfield leather, because it has given this furniture this look. If you are looking for a version in furniture fabric, you can also stick to these prices. Our prices are very realistic. With our new Chesterfields you can select suggestions of a size with a starting price. This is because some types of leather have a small surcharge we get from our supplier.

Customization is not much more expensive than standard

Because we know how long this furniture can last, we are also interested in the application and way of using it. In addition to a seat depth, height and overall posture, the finish is an important factor. Because we believe that the furniture should suit you, we have been supplying customization for as long as our label has existed. The fact that we have now delivered all variants once makes that a lot easier and cheaper. As a result, all different molds are already present globally. Why would you buy a standard sofa, settee or armchair when you can order the ultimate version at our prices? You can read more about our materials on our label and quality page. You can read everything about the finish of your Chesterfield on our  leather and upholstery fabrics page. If you have any questions or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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