Chesterfield renovation is part of our daily job

Chesterfield renovation is something we do every day. With the original materials makes the renovation a professional job. Matters from recovery of cushions, to parts such as the arm and back belong to the possibilities. Thanks to our four generations of experience, we can virtually create an identical color and atmosphere in the leather. In addition to cleaning, coloring and preserving, things such as the comfort.

Our 2nd hand Chesterfields, the old look but technically as new

These used 2nd life Chesterfields have often been given a nice rustic, distinctive look over the years. This appearance will always be cherished during a restoration. A spray paint is usually disastrous for this atmosphere. The leather becomes dead and meaningless. You may get the jitters of the traces that the previous owner or his pet left behind, but that is not the case with Mister Chesterfield. The thorough steam cleaning and the washing of the knots and pleats are standard work for us. Because a Chesterfield has quite a few folds and knots, this is certainly important. We will not deprive your appetite, but disinfection is in many cases definitely recommended!

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