A Chesterfield couch for everyone, sofa or sofas in every size

For a real tailor-made Chesterfield couch you have come to Mister Chesterfield. Besides that they are very nice to see our couches are also wonderful to sit in, or lie down of course. A Mister Chesterfield couch is fun for every day intense use, which we believe is the best Chesterfield sofa you can buy. We have an personal store with new en restored original Chesterfield sofas in a modern and vintage, old style. If you want we can also arrange your own design for you. We deliver these couches in every size. We are happy to arrange al these wishes for you.

Your Chesterfield couches are comfortable custom made from Great Britain

Our Chesterfield couches are beautiful custom made from Great Britain. Because of the customization, these couches are fully confirm your wishes and expectations. Sitting comfortable is every day enjoyment. These mostly intensiv used pieces of furniture in the house are also a pleasure to see. Come and see our sofa's and experience for yourself why you still have to choose a real English Chesterfield.

Chesterfield sofa is also very nice with a chairs or hocker box

When you think of a Chesterfield sofa, you may also think of putting it in combination with some other Chesterfield furniture. Chairs or a hocker box for example. This populair sofa can be combinated easily with a lot of other furniture. We like to tell you all about it, as you can see on our made to measure page.

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