The purchase and trade-in of your Chesterfield is neatly arranged

Chesterfield purchasing - trade-in. Of course you want a realistic price and a friendly treatment when selling your Chesterfield furniture. How we work can be read via the link below. Because our furniture will never be resold without any form of labor, we unfortunately also have to incur additional costs.

Determine your trade-in price based on the Mister Chesterfield offers

We do know that not everyone reads the texts but still ask your attention if you want to determine your asking price. On our site you can find our restored offer. We use the term restored because our range is fresh and technical as good as new. We incur additional costs for this condition. The description new condition is for a used piece of furniture never true because there is always hidden dirt between the pleats, buttons and seat underneath, between the seat and backrest.

So the profit that we make stands for the cleaning, repair and regular issues such as transport, guarantee and tax. If you want to take these things into account, we would like to hear your price and we be very  happy to do business with you!

If the trade-in of your Chesterfield is also an option for you, you can of course orient yourself in our shop. Of course, we can always offer you a good offer.

You can contact us here.