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The better Chesterfield furniture


Those who are willing to look beyond a picture, price or nearby buy from Mister Chesterfield.

By doing business consciously & sustainably, you will not get a better price / quality anywhere.

Better in: frames - springs - fillings - finish - comfort - longevity - warranty - service.

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Mister Chesterfield, traditional, solid, authentic, but with more comfort

The fine comfort make Mister Chesterfield furniture unique. Our label arose from the need to put this furniture on the map again in a Chesterfield-worthy way. Our 75 years of recovery experience has been incorporated into this collection. In addition to our beloved versions, there are almost endless possibilities to put together a Chesterfield chair, armchair, sofa or corner sofa. There is almost no model that we cannot realize in our quality. When you visit our showroom you will immediately see that these Chesterfields are made with care. All materials used are supplied in writing just like the country of origin.


Direct import from Great Brittain

About Mister Chesterfield

Chesterfield furniture, sofas, sofas, armchairs, chairs, in restored and customized new
The Mister Chesterfield range consists of stylish Chesterfield furniture. Versatile models are available such as sofas, sofas, armchairs, and chairs.

In addition to the lived, old and professionally restored collection, we offer you new, fully customized items under our own label. Performances that you can put together yourself.


We have made the authentic Chesterfield comfortable

Full skins

We upholster all our Chesterfields with full skins cow leather


Experience since 1945 and can assist you with good advice


Without concessions we go for the most sustainable materials


In addition to size, you can adjust many details as you wish


Affordable comfort,  for everyday enjoyment