You will enjoy the comfort of your senior furniture every day

If you want to sit comfortably choose senior furniture and there is certainly nothing old-fashioned about it. Because you assemble the furniture yourself at Mister Chesterfield, the comfort of our furniture is always a success. Chesterfield furniture is not always well regarded. In many cases this is justified, but the furniture at Mister Chesterfield is different and offers wonderfully comfortable designs. The beloved seniors range is usually equipped with an extra comfortable back cushion that supports your back and head exactly at all points.

Versatility of our furniture in our Senior range is almost unlimited

The variation of our senior range is endless. If desired, we build the fine back cushions in almost every model from our collection. The back cushion is standard in our Caywood, Bradford and Cambridge cushion chairs, armchairs and sofas. So have you spotted another model? Ask us so that we can shape your wishes and offer you an attractive proposal. Our customization is very affordable and always delivered according to your wishes.

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