Starting prices for an chair Version with fixed legs
Version with and without armrests √
Version with fixed legs or rotating base √
In almost any colour and type leather or furniture fabric √
Other dimensions overall, seat width, depth, height √
Guaranteed comfort √
Free delivery up to 260KM from our location * √
Including maintenance product and advice √
Down payment when ordering 25%
Rest of payment at delivery
An airy but comfortable addition to living or working room
Prices starting in Antique range leather or fabric


The Typist Chesterfield offers great comfort for a longer period of time

Our Typist Chesterfield, the dining room chair par excellence.
Variants are available with fixed legs or a rotating frame, with or without arm, standard dimensions or extra large.
With many choices in finishes, the Typist desk or single-room chair has been loved for decades.

Standard outside width is: 50cm.
We also supply intermediate sizes that are wider or narrower, this is more or less per button.

Sometimes a Chesterfield model seems identical, but this is not the case

Maybe you find some kind of similar models but each company makes their copy or own variant.
You can read more about our quality and choice of materials on our label and quality page or contact us.

Options for the Chesterfield Typist:
Leather or fabric: including brown, green, red, blue, taupe, cognac, white, beige, gray, black, yellow, orange, purple, pink
Seat and back: plain, with buttons
Studs: with or without studs / piping – div. colors, materials
Bun-feet: various in color of swivel system
With or without arm

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