Chesterfield – Royal Albert


Custom made in modern, vintage, XS to XL, corner, u-model.


Our Chesterfield Royal Albert is generous with a comfortable patent suspension

The diamonds in the knotwork are larger and softer than those of our other models. In addition, the leather is less tightened. This combination gives the whole a very comfortable seat with a luxurious look. The model is also equipped with a sprung under-seat – spiral spring – also called patent seat. The nice soft filling on the hull makes sitting on this Chesterfield very comfortable. The versions differ greatly from armchairs and sofas to custom corner sofas. Be amazed by the great comfort that is tailored to your wishes and on your posture. You will also see a version with a so-called hump between the photos (bulging on the back) This hump is available in many forms on all our models.More about our quality and choice of materials you can read on our label and quality page or contact us on.

Options for the Royal Albert

Customization: Any desired dimensions as an armchair, sofa, corner sofa or u-shape
Leather or upholstery material: including brown, green, red, blue, taupe, cognac, white, beige, gray, black, yellow, orange, purple, pink
Seat: variable seat depth, smooth, with buttons or with more or fewer cushions
Feet board: smooth, fold without button, fold with button, double row of buttons, horizontal nail line
Nails: with or without nails / piping – div. colors, materials
Legs: variable height, color and model
Prices shown include 21% VAT

Additional information

Arm width-diameter

39 cm

Overall depth standard


Overall height standard


As Corner Couch, As U-Model, Four And a half seater, Four Seater, Love Seat, Three And a Half seater, Two and a Half Seater, XL armchair, XL version, Chair, Two seater, Three Seater, Five Seater


Beige, Black, Blue, Bruin, Cognac, Green, Grijs, Orange, Parchment, Red, Taupe, Wit, Yellow