Restored Chesterfields

Restored Chesterfields, fresh as new with a lived atmosphere

Fully restored second hand Chesterfields. As good as new, but in a beautiful used atmosphere is what we offer you with our used 2nd life Chesterfields. This furniture is selected on quality when purchasing. After the intensive cleaning, the furniture is completely fresh again. Technically, these items are in a very good condition and certainly not comparable to regular and general 2nd hand or 2nd life Chesterfield offerings.

You will experience that the beloved old atmosphere at these restored Chesterfields has been well preserved. In addition to each person having their own posture, each Chesterfield is different by using different types of suspension and hardness of fillings. We are not only talking about the seat, but also about the trunk / arms and back. You can experience these differences in our showroom. We can still adjust the versions to your wishes. Not only in terms of gloss but also in terms of color and comfort. These items can be delivered within a few days. If you like to do a down payment and pay the rest at delivery please contact us.

We are acknowledged CBW member so your payments are safe with us.

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