Legs, wheels, floor protectors

Furniture legs – wheels – floor protectors are there to complete the picture. Our offer is based on our experience over the years and we believe that these products are also nice to buy separately. The furniture legs are made of beech wood, which is the best type of wood because it has a tough property. The color is obtained by staining and finished with a strong lacquer. We can even matt the gloss or make the legs high-gloss if you prefer. The range of furniture legs consists of new and as good as new undamaged versions. The wheels we supply are made of brass and strong enough to support the weight of a Chesterfield and its users. The aging of these wheels is also an option. The floor protectors have gotten better and better over the years and that is a nice development. The furniture can be moved without damage to the floor, but remains perfectly upright when sitting and standing up. Maintenance products are important to protect and extend the service life. The maintenance of your furniture is important, even if the advice varies. To buy the right product you need to know what material your Chesterfield is finished with. The right maintenance product does not have to be expensive or labour-intensive. If you are looking for a different variant or version of the furniture leg, or if you want information, it is best to contact us.

We are CBW recognized, so more security in terms of payments & guarantees.

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