50+ Special

50+ specials are our finest extra old Chesterfields

50+ specials are our finest extra old Chesterfields of fifty years and older. These show you why the English have given this product such a solid name. The charm of this intensively used furniture is really irresistible for us. The atmosphere of time has given the grain of the leather character, giving the overall Chesterfield a rustic almost unparalleled appearance. We as fanciers can not let this type of performance pass us by, but because we are not a museum we have to let them go again. We know that buyers have an eye for detail if they are interested in these designs. Purchasing these classics is more than buying a seating furniture. Look and enjoy, delivered a lot in modern interiors, loved by industrial and sleek design. An age of 70 or 80 years old is no exception. These items can often be delivered to you within a few days. If you like to do a down payment and pay the rest at delivery please contact us.

We are acknowledged CBW member so your payments are safe with us.