A tailor-made Chesterfield in old style

When creating a new Chesterfield, there are enough types of leather available to have an old style look. Our customization offers you the opportunity to put together your own ultimate old Chesterfield. Comfort is a daily pleasure for you. We fully assist you in creating your ultimate Chesterfield. All the way you envision them. Besides the old atmosphere is a custom made Chesterfield very comfortable.

Real old Chesterfields are loved because of the atmosphere

Our renovated old Chesterfields have been restored to their former glory. The offered furniture has a beautiful appearance, all in top condition, because they are cleaned and restored with the utmost care. The science the new owner can fully enjoy this furniture is a pleasant idea.

Come and experience for yourself how beautiful our old Chesterfields are

On our website you can get a good idea of ​​how beautiful our old renovated Chesterfields are. But the real experience can you do the best at our shop at the Venestraat 27 in Leidschendam. For our current opening times and the fastest route to Mister Chesterfield, please visit our contact-route page.

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