Mister Chesterfield The Hague is the best option for real furniture

For a real Chesterfield The Hague   you should of course be in the store of Mister Chesterfield. We have been intensively working on this product for three generations. A stone’s throw away you will find our spacious store with a wide range of real beautiful vintage and modern Chesterfield furniture. These are all manufactured in Great Britain. Not only our new Chesterfields, but also our restored, second-hand, collection comes with a declaration of English manufacture. The experience in the renovation has been incorporated in the new versions, so your new Chesterfield sofa or chair is pleasant and comfortable.

Our offer

Original Chesterfield sofa The Hague   we think they come from England of course

Many Chesterfield furniture today comes on the market under the name original. The use of the word original is attractive because many people think that the quality of the Chesterfield sofa, The Hague, is good. That is why, just like the rest of the Netherlands, they have to look beyond their noses. For example, on our about Chesterfields page you can also read how to recognize a cheap imitation. Basically, there is a lot of difference in the various providers, although people try to make the point that only the price is a bit lower. Everyone has their own product or Chesterfield label and quality. For Mister Chesterfield, an original Chesterfield sofa still comes from England and not from Asia, Poland or the Czech Republic. Come and compare the furniture in real life and the choice is a lot easier. You can read more about Chesterfields via the link; About Chesterfields

Mister Chesterfield is only a 10-minute drive from The Hague

At Mister Chesterfield you will find a lot of New and used, professionally restored Chesterfield furniture, sometimes more than 50 years old, just 10 minutes from the center of The Hague. After a thorough renovation, the second-hand Chesterfields are good for years of pleasure again. You can read more about our history on our about Mister Chesterfield page.

Experience for yourself why Mister Chesterfield’s furniture is unique

On the website you will find a good overview of the huge range of Mister Chesterfield. Here you can also orientate yourself on the price. You can experience this in our showroom at 27 Venestraat in Leidschendam. We are happy to give you advice about the color and the finishing options. Check our contact route page for our opening times and the fastest route to Mister Chesterfield.

All our new Chesterfields are available in this style, as well as genuine restored Chesterfields and very old Chesterfields of 50 years and older

Chesterfields 50 years and older