Second hand Chesterfield

For a clean second hand Chesterfield you can visit our store.

Would you like to experience for yourself how beautiful clean and fresh this furniture is. in the search for a suitable specimen you may have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of the second-hand Chesterfield offer is dirty and often quickly patched up. (under cushions, between folds, etc.)

A Chesterfield is usually not simply disposed of. Sometimes of course because they just want to post something new. We can tell you that the vast majority of what comes in to us has a defect or a visible defect. After usually a 10 years of use, not everything is as fresh as one might think. The cleaning and removal of dirt that has disappeared in the bank should not be called superfluous luxury. We are not only talking about food, paper etc., but also pets leave their mark. Smoke air, fire holes and the like can often only be solved by deep cleaning, but sometimes replacing parts is still the only real option.

We regularly have completely restored English versions of, among others, the brand LSC furniture - Springvale - Salvale designs - Wade - Winchester furniture and Millbrook

Have a look at our: Restored Chesterfields or specials of 50 years and older pages.

English chesterfield banks second-hand

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