Chesterfield prejudices and comfort

Chesterfield prejudices, a judgment often made about comfort is based on nothing

Chesterfield prejudices. Maybe you know them, once you make it known you might buy a Chesterfield. The opinions are varied but often they are about the comfort. Many people do not realize that in the past a Chesterfield was often delivered at postage and was therefore geared to the buyer. Adjustments of a seat depth and height of suspension, filling and the like can give you a completely different seat. To be honest, we do not think it’s weird when you look at how often this furniture is offered as “thirteen in a dozen”. When you visit our store, all the prejudices are immediately removed. You already have a fitted, comfortable Chesterfield delivered as standard. People who visited us can confirm that every Chesterfield is and is different. Not only in terms of model, but also in material. So do not be unnecessarily catch up with general talk but experience the Mister Chesterfield collection yourself. You can read more in our Chesterfields page. For questions you can contact us.

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