Chesterfield Prejudice

Chesterfield prejudice

There are as many Chesterfield prejudice as performances. After a bad experience, the judgment was passed for the total offer. Logically, every Chesterfield is the same from the same factory, right? So no. We can shout it from the rooftops, but someone's prejudice is difficult to disprove. It was certain that things had to be improved, which is why we set up our own Chesterfield label in 2006. Every day we deliver wonderfully sitting Chesterfields that are adapted in all areas. As repairers since 1945, our know-how extends beyond a few bad experiences. But it is difficult to get rid of prejudices. Only when you visit our showroom it turns out to be very good and also very affordable because of the long life and residual value. The contemporary modern and vintage leather variants certainly do not make the furniture old-fashioned or too classic. Even the versions with fewer or without buttons appear to be a success. How else is it that almost every visitor leaves the house as a satisfied buyer?

The most common prejudices about a Chesterfield are:

Bad comfort
However, this has to do with the structure of the frame as well as with the suspension and filling. The degrees of the seating area must match your posture, which is why everyone has a different experience. Every person is as unique as the composition of a Chesterfield. Although the padded pushes the filling in slightly, the hardness of the processed filling remains almost identical. It is also more airy to sit against than a flat piece of leather. The fillings used in the arms and back, among other things, ultimately determine comfort and this does not depend on the buttons.

Are expensive
The purchase of a Chesterfield is quite a reasonable expense, but not everyone thinks that our versions can last for decades and also have a considerable residual value. In the furniture industry, we may still be one of the few that are in it, just think of the solid furniture suppliers and brands that could not survive the current market. We believe this is how you should deliver a Chesterfield and otherwise not and to realize this we also pay a lot of money for the materials and the construction of these versions. I can assure that even the most expensive design furniture does not use better materials than we do in our collection. Frankly, we think the average piece of furniture on the furniture boulevard is really expensive.

Its old-fashioned
The idea that the Chesterfield is only in the house of grandparents is really the biggest nonsense. Because of the many possibilities in design, size and finish, every too classic version can get a modern contemporary twist. Think e.g. anthracite nails, black, wenge legs or perhaps chrome or stainless steel brushed legs. The creations don't lie. Almost every design can be realized because building the frames and covering the hulls is done in one company. In addition, we even place most of our sold furniture in modern interiors. The Chesterfield is timeless for a reason and can be combined with many styles ... endlessly.

We put an end to any Chesterfield prejudice

When visiting our showroom, our performances themselves make short work of every prejudice that goes around. Setting up your own label stems from the love for this furniture. Our collection proves that the comfort is very good and that our adjustments are successful. In addition to back patients, we get many people who are tired of lounge / lying. There is also a middle ground. And that's why we build to measure. The way of your use and physique ultimately determines which applications suit you best. And that is not the model that is best in the picture.


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