Chesterfield furniture Nootdorp

For Chesterfield furniture, Nootdorp goes to Mister Chesterfield

Chesterfield furniture Nootdorp. We are located very near Nootdorp and within a short drive you can see our Chesterfield furniture. With our three-generation experience in restoration, we know what we talking about. You can try any piece of furniture at our shop. Adjust the size of your sofa or armchair with for example a bit more or less seat-depth.

The furniture at Mister Chesterfield is tailor-made

Mister Chesterfield is not very far from Nootdorp city center. With our collection of restored and new Chesterfields. Our new Chesterfield furniture is completely tailor made and not just the way it is, with the possibillity to create the Chesterfield of your dreams. Read here more about Chesterfield furniture. This deliver you the guarantee for years of comfort. Check here our contact information.

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