Chesterfield Nootdorp

Mister Chesterfield goes for 100% quality … your supplier for the Hague region

Meanwhile, a concept in the region of The Hague, but of course also far beyond.

At Mister Chesterfield you get value for money at least. Personal attention and service is still something that people appreciate.

A solid Chesterfield is not only a nice outside with nice information on your site. With our three-generation experience in restoration, you really know what you’re talking about. The most beautiful English Chesterfields we deliver completely tailor made and not just one, two, or three-seater. Custom-made is something that does not involve us in extra costs and it is a truly unique service. Try it at any piece of furniture shop. Adjust the size of your sofa or armchair. A 15 cm wider armchair for a little more seating or a sofa 10cm less because it just fits a bit better. Mister Chesterfield is just a 5-minute drive from Nootdorp city center. With our spacious collection of restored and new Chesterfields in vintage or modern atmosphere, you can therefore compose the Chesterfield of your dreams as you wish. No alternative low budget offers but quality of our own label. The guarantee for years to sit comfortably and of course a lust for the eye. We would like to see you fully committed to our beautiful showroom.

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