Chesterfield Durable

A Mister Chesterfield piece of furniture is durable in all areas

Mister Chesterfield is a conscious durable company. A Mister Chesterfield piece of furniture is durable in all areas. All our processed materials are of responsible origin and high quality. This guarantees the long service life. The beech wood comes from well-managed forests and the leathers are tanned in an environmentally friendly manner. But with our durable Chesterfields it goes further.

Full trailer transport from Great-Britain

Our transports from Great-Britain are efficiently planned so that semi-full trailers are not unnecessarily driven. Les trailers mean les traffic and transport over sea.

The Chesterfield furniture we offer from stock are an good example of this. We regularly purchase this furniture extra to make optimal use of the transport. This results in a slightly lower sales price and a pleasant short delivery time for the buyers.
This Chesterfields can be seen on our page: new Chesterfields on stock

The delivery to the customer is well coordinated and combined as much as possible with other deliveries. This is done entirely in accordance with the Euro 6 standard. Our company car reduces emissions by 80%. Sustainable business is thus beneficial in all areas.


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