Chesterfield Delft

Mister Chesterfield is the supplier of Delft, Maassluis, Westland and Green Heart. For a beautiful English Chesterfield, do not go to the first best. You have already found us within a 10/15 minute drive from Delft. We warmly welcome you to our Chesterfield store, no busy impersonal cellar sales or stunt magazine, but just feel at ease and see the many possibilities and feel! Here in Venestraat 27, in the oldest street of Leidschendam we have a wide choice for you. Because we can say that at least 10 variants of a particular model can be delivered we have a very large collection. This is really so extensive that we may offer you the most variation in this style. Together with you, we create the desired performance, by posture and size. (On the cm) In addition, beautiful restored and nice outlet items, which are immediately available. Perhaps after a visit to e.g. The Macro in Delft went straight to Mister Chesterfield.

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