Chesterfield cushions

Replacing Chesterfield cushions always pays off

If you want to replace your Chesterfield cushions, you have come to the right place at Mister Chesterfield. It is definitely worth it! We can adjust, repair or replace your existing cushions entirely according to your wishes. Replacing a seat is a job that we carry out every day. The price of repair is usually lower than renewal. These parts of the seat cushion are the most intensively used parts of the sofa or chair and will therefore show signs of use first.

Your new leather seat cushions can last for years again

After a good renovation of the seat cushions, you can enjoy your Chesterfield for years to come. A slightly lived-in atmosphere is of course quite hip today, but as soon as it starts to get shabby it’s time to put the makeover into effect. The prices of this recovery are attractive compared to a completely new Chesterfield pillow.

New seat cushion in an old Chesterfield

Often people will look for new seat cushions, but in many cases restoring the original one is a better option. If a completely new seat cushion is ordered, you will receive a brand new cushion in your already used Chesterfield sofa or chair. In many cases, as feared, the color of the new cushions will indeed differ from the hull and existing cushions. The leather hides are tanned in batches and can therefore show a color difference. Because we choose the leather itself based on color and atmosphere and also adjust it if necessary, you do not have to expect any unpleasant surprises from us. For us, the invisible recovery in the total picture is a challenge again and again.

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