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Tailor-made British Chesterfield furniture, we arrange the best comfort from British grounds

Chesterfield furniture from Mister Chesterfield gives you the best comfort of British grounds. Our Chesterfields are the most high end product you find at this moment, and even though models and names look so identical, our collection is not the same. Performances without any form of saving on material give's you the best comfort in this style of furniture. Whether it's a Chesterfield chair, couch / sofa or corner-couch. We think that comfort is as much important as the finish of the furniture. Every creation is unique and in consultation with your specific wishes. Our total range of new and second hand Chesterfields are from a solid English manufacture. We invite you to experience our furniture because it's much better than you experienced before. Try us!

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About Mister Chesterfield

Chesterfield furniture, sofas, sofas, armchairs, chairs, in restored and customized new
The Mister Chesterfield range consists of stylish Chesterfield furniture. Versatile models are available such as sofas, sofas, armchairs, and chairs.

In addition to the lived, old and professionally restored collection, we offer you new, fully customized items under our own label. Performances that you can put together yourself.


We have made the authentic Chesterfield comfortable

Full skins

We upholster all our Chesterfields with full skins cow leather


Experience since 1945 and can assist you with good advice


Without concessions we go for the most sustainable materials


In addition to size, you can adjust many details as you wish


Affordable comfort,  for everyday enjoyment