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Chesterfield furniture in any desired design as unprecedentedly comfortable customization

Even though many Chesterfield furniture look alike, our variants are all custom-made and therefore unique. In addition to our suggested width dimensions for an armchair, sofa or corner sofa, you can also determine your own seat depth or back height. Compiling a Chesterfield chair or sofa yourself is very pleasant, because it always meets your wishes and requirements.

You create your own Chesterfield furniture and that is great

Because we build this Chesterfield furniture especially for you, a lot is possible. We also build a sophisticated version that you have seen elsewhere. On the basis of a photo we can determine the comfort and dimensions together with you. The possibilities are endless and too many to mention.

The residual value of an English manufacture is always higher

Good performances last for decades. Given a Chesterfield is certainly not expensive. Because of the longevity and residual value, it is important to go for the English manufacture and not for the original own brand. The values ​​of good used Chesterfields can be high. Chesterfield furniture imported from Great Britain, in particular, is still worth money after years of use.

In addition to relaxing, it is also healthy sitting on stylish Chesterfield furniture

You will experience that our Chesterfield furniture is a lot more comfortable than you will experience in other cases. Our Chesterfield label is set up to offer traditionally good quality, but also to ensure that you sit comfortably and healthily. Chesterfield furniture is not always known for their fine seating comfort. This prejudice therefore does not apply to our Chesterfields.

You do need expert support when fine-tuning your Chesterfield

If you want to put together a real Chesterfield, please contact us so that we can take stock of your ideas and tell you the possibilities. You can also visit our showroom without obligation. When you make an appointment outside of our regular opening hours, we can take all the time for you to inform and show you around without any obligation.

We only supply genuine English products that come directly from Great Britain and are also manufactured there. Honest Chesterfield furniture and transparent offer.

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Direct import from Great Brittain

About Mister Chesterfield

Chesterfield furniture, sofas, sofas, armchairs, chairs, in restored and customized new
The Mister Chesterfield range consists of stylish Chesterfield furniture. Versatile models are available such as sofas, sofas, armchairs, and chairs.

In addition to the lived, old and professionally restored collection, we offer you new, fully customized items under our own label. Performances that you can put together yourself.


We have made the authentic Chesterfield comfortable

Full skins

We upholster all our Chesterfields with full skins cow leather


Experience since 1945 and can assist you with good advice


Without concessions we go for the most sustainable materials


In addition to size, you can adjust many details as you wish


Affordable comfort,  for everyday enjoyment