About Mister Chesterfield, who we are and the history of our company.

In about mister Chesterfield we tell you about who we are and the history of our company. The passion for this furniture and the reason for setting up our own label, our brand, trade-name.

1st generation

In 1945, just after the 2nd World War, my grandfather started to restore traditional seating furniture in the traditional way. This work was carried out using traditional materials such as crin, horsehair, bone glue, polish etc. Through this work, the love for furniture grew with a distinctive and, above all, unique appearance. In addition to the Chesterfields, he had a weakness for furniture from the 1920s. Later he developed himself further by designing and realizing his own furniture line. This was made entirely from the frame in-house and fortunately we have some of his items in our private collection. Indestructible!

2nd generation
Since 1958 my father has continued to work on these developments in the company. He is an idolat of his profession and full of interest in everything related to this profession. The traditional way of upholstering gives him the most satisfaction. He has worked for very reputable antique dealers and trade fairs. He still daily with his passion and he has of course a lot of experience. I really appreciate it.

3rd generation
Since 1992 I have been mainly occupied with restoring and restoring furniture. Partly due to my education in fine-woodworking, furniture upholstery, I have a good eye for beautiful and durable materials. Restoring beautiful old Chesterfields is still one of the most beautiful aspects of this profession. You give a beautiful, often intensively used product a longer life. This piece of craft gives me relaxation in a hectic society. The enthusiasm of the owner makes this course a lot of fun. People quickly notice that this is my passion. There are many prejudices in the world because of improperly built Chesterfields and I prove with our label that a Chesterfield is still well built and comfortable. In my profession, my perfectionism comes in handy.

Our showroom
Mister Chesterfield is located at Venestraat 27 in Leidschendam. This is the oldest street of this place that is only 7 minutes drive from the center of The Hague. With an average of about 100+ items you can experience all our variants and models here. In addition to our "made to measure" collection, you can also view our beautifully restored Chesterfields here. With such a variety of options and options, making a choice can sometimes be difficult, but we can help you with that. Model - size - Color - Leather type.

With the Mister Chesterfield label we have put this beautiful style icon back on the map and are very proud of our variations and the good seating comfort that these have to offer. If you want to buy a real  Chesterfield, you should really visit us. We think this is the best way to build Chesterfields.