About Chesterfields, what is original and what will you be offered

On our page about Chesterfields you can read what we think you should know about the current range of Chesterfield furniture.
Buying online is preferred by many Chesterfield stunters, but luring you to the showroom with a bargain is a nice 2nd.
After reading this page you will know more about the Chesterfield than the average provider.

What can you expect online:

  • Offers produced in numerous countries, advertised only genuine, English, original, authentic (but own brand) 
  • The most obvious suggestive domain names that say nothing about the country of origin or quality. 
  • Locations and addresses in England that do not exist and should only suggest the country of origin. 
  • Photos that certainly do not match the product of what you find or will be delivered in the showroom. 
  • Convincingly long warranty periods, while after a much shorter period you have to demonstrate "normal" use.

Chesterfield compare on Images

Unfortunately, online comparison based on images, format and price is no longer a realistic option. In reality, the products offered appear to be only roughly in the form of what you have seen in the photo. You will of course be motivated to place an ONLINE ORDER. Perhaps in your enthusiasm you will accept the packaged, vague extract and pay for it upon delivery. The materials and certainly finish of the delivered product has nothing to do with the image shown. Cheap is very relative if you look at a lifetime and a residual value.



Original Chesterfields

Original Chesterfields! As you may have noticed, today everything is the original. With the most for the original domain names, you as a consumer are today inundated with the one and only brand, and up to Wikipedia everyone says exactly what suits them best. Due to the legal aspect, a furniture style or model is almost impossible to determine. Despite this, you could speak of a public brand where the solid variants have built up impressive status.

Chesterfield Certificate

With many flags and seriously beautiful paper you will be overwhelmed with the certificate of origin, traditional and authentic. If you read well, you will not always find the country of origin. This is the biggest handicap for a supplier who does not have his furniture built in England. He prefers to leave it at the center where the furniture comes from because a group of people will settle for a slightly cheaper price. If a product from another country is indeed just as good, then you can only conclude why the supplier blows with all the wind. And that is sale.

Chesterfields on Wikipedia

On Wikipedia you can read what a Chesterfield furniture is. And yes, even on wikipedia; the massively copied Lord Stanhope fairy tale. This story is also used as part of a piece of credible Chesterfield information, unfortunately with the sole purpose of making the .com / Asian import a bit more credible original. We have our own ideas about the origin of the Chesterfield but for the people it is a nice piece of   history. If information is not legally reprehensible, it can apparently be replicated as plausible.

Original Chesterfields

Original Chesterfields! As you may have noticed today everything is the original. With the most for the original domain names, you as a consumer are today inundated with the one and only brand. Due to the legal aspect, a furniture style or model can hardly be registered as a patent. Despite this, you could speak of a public brand where the solid variants have built up impressive status.

Price / quality

An amount does not say anything about the quality you find in the store. Models can look similar but every Chesterfield is made for a certain budget. There is no minimum quality requirement and therefore there are also many versions. Too cheap can be nothing for many people, and that is why you see a lot of prices that come close to each other.

CBW approved

Buying from a CBW-approved store offers you more security. Stores that are CBW-accredited apply general terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer. This contains all the rules that are important when you buy something, for example about payment, cancellation, delivery, delivery, transport and guarantee.

CBW-approved home shops use a recognition scheme with 3 guarantees. This concerns, for example, safe deposit, impartial complaint handling and extra guarantee. The CBW-recognized securities are only provided by stores that are affiliated with INretail, the largest trade association for retail non-food.

A cheaper Chesterfield can be recognized by:

Qua Leather processing:

  1. Stitched seams in every fold, also called demic. The cutting waste is processed in the lozenge pattern. Stitched seams are more vulnerable than a less attractive appearance, and these used pieces of skin usually have more stretch than is good.
  2. Outer sides stitched together in as many lanes / parts / surfaces as possible, whether or not in imitation leather. This is recognizably a different structure.
  3. Artificial leather can be recognized by the fabric-like back of the "leather". However, this is often prevented by not making a zipper on the back of the cushions or using it in the sofa.
  4. You can already remove the dark top layer of the leather with a damp cloth, leaving you with an ugly light spot. Wet clothing or spilling is then a tragedy.
  5. Artificial leather such as e.g. Polymer / PU leather leather is made from crushed cutting waste which is again pressed as skin on a layer of dust. This is also offered as genuine leather, and of course it is incorporated.
  6. Nails in strips, with a real nail every 5 cm. The heads are then melted together, as it were.
  7. In terms of suspension: webbing. By feeling on the seat (under the cushions) you can discover what kind of suspension it has. A girth is flexible, soft and weak.


The delivery time of a Chesterfield can explain the country of origin

A Chesterfield from for example Asia will always have a longer delivery time than a piece of furniture from England. With a delivery time of more than 6-8 weeks (on a new order) it can be assumed that this is the case. However, production is also in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey, so that the shorter delivery time is no support.

We do not think that you should choose what we personally value, there is not much difference in prices at the bottom of the line. The art is to seduce the buyers.

Unfortunately, misleading the consumer is also the order of the day here, and we think that is simply a bad thing.

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