About Chesterfields, what is and you should know

On our page about Chesterfields we tell you what you should know about Chesterfields. What is an original, and how can you recognise a cheaper made reproduction. The old Chesterfields say something about the good quality of Chesterfields in the past. The status of this ever so solid British furniture is nowadays widely used to sell all kinds of furniture with buttons for more money. Because the model is better known as the details, we like to share our vision with you.

Original Chesterfields

Yes, Original Chesterfields. Everything is now the original. Regardless of country of origin or choice of materials. By building quality, the English have made this style a public brand. With the most obvious domain names, today the consumer is flooded with the real original Chesterfields (own brand). All in all, a Chesterfield from Asia, for example, is certainly not more original than an English version. It also does not have to be a problem, everyone is free to choose. Suggesting, also says something about the seller. The original is still an English product for us and because a lot of people share this opinion with us, advertising with the genuine original Chesterfield is very lucrative.

You can see on www.alibaba.com en www.indiamart.com which versions are offered in Asia. Also pay attention to the details such as pleats, legs.




History - The Lord Stanhope story tale

The massively adopted Lord Stanhope story. The most likely (but there is still a bit more) piece of history about the Chesterfield. We have to laugh about it. Even on the wikipedia, which is reliable for many people (and well found by Google), this story is also used as part of a piece of credible Chesterfield information with the aim of making the .com - Asian import an original. We have our own know-how about the origin of the Chesterfield, but we are not going to report that here, because we can read that text at the copy and paste shops tomorrow.

Price / quality

An amount does not say anything about the quality you find in the store. Models can look similar but every Chesterfield is made for a certain budget. There is no minimum quality requirement and therefore there are also many versions. Too cheap can be nothing for many people, and that is why you see a lot of prices that come close to each other.

CBW approved

Buying from a CBW-approved store offers you more security. Stores that are CBW-accredited apply general terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer. This contains all the rules that are important when you buy something, for example about payment, cancellation, delivery, delivery, transport and guarantee.

CBW-approved home shops use a recognition scheme with 3 guarantees. This concerns, for example, safe deposit, impartial complaint handling and extra guarantee. The CBW-recognized securities are only provided by stores that are affiliated with INretail, the largest trade association for retail non-food.

A cheaper Chesterfield can be recognized by:

Qua Leather processing:

  1. Stitched seams in every fold, also called demic. The cutting waste is processed in the lozenge pattern. Stitched seams are more vulnerable than a less attractive appearance, and these used pieces of skin usually have more stretch than is good.
  2. Outer sides stitched together in as many lanes / parts / surfaces as possible, whether or not in imitation leather. This is recognizably a different structure.
  3. Artificial leather can be recognized by the fabric-like back of the "leather". However, this is often prevented by not making a zipper on the back of the cushions or using it in the sofa.
  4. You can already remove the dark top layer of the leather with a damp cloth, leaving you with an ugly light spot. Wet clothing or spilling is then a tragedy.
  5. Artificial leather such as e.g. Polymer / PU leather leather is made from crushed cutting waste which is again pressed as skin on a layer of dust. This is also offered as genuine leather, and of course it is incorporated.
  6. Nails in strips, with a real nail every 5 cm. The heads are then melted together, as it were.
  7. In terms of suspension: webbing. By feeling on the seat (under the cushions) you can discover what kind of suspension it has. A girth is flexible, soft and weak.


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