We like to tell you about Chesterfields

Models may look similar, but every Chesterfield is different and made for a particular budget. It is not comparable with a product as electronics or white goods. It is not a fixed brand, model or type, regardless of the name of the seller. It is not a single factory where all versions come from. Think of that when you compare online prices.



Nowadays it is difficult to capture or defend quality, everyone has free play. What we mainly see is that the "Oriental" suppliers just put on English flags and certificates to suggest English style origin. The country of origin is therefore not mentioned on the certificate by the person in order not to issue any rights. The prices are almost identical to English Chesterfields, but that's more because the English pound is low and it does not make any doubts or questions. If you have a little eye for detail, we think you can make a good choice.

A guarantee

A certificate or membership says something about guarantee ... At the appropriate payment, almost any supplier, no matter what product he sells, is welcome.

CBW recognized

This allows an entrepreneur to connect for payment. Regardless of the origin, quality or materials of your product. Also read: radar.avrotros.nl/forum


There is enough supply on the market. A higher sales amount says nothing about the quality. If you want to build a more beautiful or better product as a supplier, you will always pay more even if the additional costs are so low.


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